Back to IFS Unleashed...

A few days ago, a part of our team made the trip to Miami to participate in the IFS Unleashed.

The opportunity for them to discover a small part of the American East Coast while meeting many new contacts and to make OOTARY shine a little more on the other side of the ocean!

Let's go, we tell you about these few intense days:


Sunday, October 09, 2022: day of departure!

Patrick F, Eric, Jean-Philippe and Patrick G meet in Zurich for a flight of a little more than 10 hours to Miami!

17h00 local time, the team finally lands on American soil! After passing through customs, we headed for the Royal Palm Beach Hotel in Miami Beach!

Between the hot and humid temperature (30°) and the big pick-ups, no doubt, our ootarians are well in the USA!

After settling in the rooms, the evening continues downstairs with music, local color, beer and tacos!

The team is joined by Sebastien from IFS and also by colleagues from IFS partners .

Monday, October 10, 2022:

After a Breakfast in America (who has the Supertramp reference?) to the conference center!

And for the little story, while our 3 ootarians were starting to walk there, Patrick G told them very calmly:

"You do as you want but if you want to arrive there soaked, it is indeed on foot that you have to go! The air is so humid in addition to the 30°c that the walk will be fatal!"

And he was right, arriving a few minutes later - by cab - at the convention center, it was easy to see who had come on foot, so wet was their shirt!

This first day is dedicated to IFS Partners, the customers arriving only in the evening for the day of Tuesday and following. The convention is launched by Darren who reminds us that IFS is there to help its partners succeed! Speakers follow one another to talk about the performance of IFS with its partners and the different offers of their portfolio such as Success offers...

A proud moment when the world map of partners is displayed with oOTARY in a prominent place!

The plenary sessions leave room for contacts between partners and exchanges with former colleagues for some! The lunch break is also the opportunity to meet a future major IFS partner for the implementation of IFS Applications with whom we are laying the foundations for a worldwide partnership!

This 1st day ends around 3:00 pm, then our ootarians have free time!

The team is then divided in two with for Patrick G and Eric relaxation at the pool and beach around a cocktail and for Jean-Philippe and Patrick F detour by the Miami Beach Golf Club to buy some souvenirs and relax in front of a beer!

At the end of the day, our team goes to the Fontainebleau hotel for the reception of the French delegation with the French clients who arrived during the day.

Here again it is an opportunity to promote our product Armony with potential partners!

The day ends in a karaoke, which we will not know much about because "what happens in Miami stays in Miami" ...!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022:

This time the customers are present with the partners and more than 2000 people are gathered!

Darren Roos welcomes the attendees and then it's time for the tenors of R&D, Ben Vollmer and Christian Pedersen to talk about IFS Applications, new techno and IFS Cloud modules...

Then follows a presentation entitled IFS Lab where the applications of the latest technologies are illustrated (interactive measurements transmitted remotely, augmented reality, applied AI, controlled factory ...) the future is at our door!

Our 4 ootarians then spend their afternoon in the Exhibition Hall where the IFS stands are located but also those of the partners with whom they continue their exchanges and make their first demos! They are very convincing since appointments are made for post Unleashed work sessions!

The day ends with the Beach Party which takes place in 3 different hotels, passing from one to the other by the Miamai Beach... just great!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022:

The day starts early with meetings with potential partners! Then, our team attends the morning plenary sessions as well as the speech of Michael PHELPS, 28 medals at the Olympic Games, 23 of which are gold!

The afternoon continues with a new demo of Armony and still very interesting exchanges for the future!

The day ends with the gala and IFS has seen big: the whole Frost Museum (Science Museum of Miami) is privatized to welcome more than 2000 people! 

Thursday, October 13:

This is the last day in Miami for our team!

Our 4 ootarians attend their last plenary session. It is mainly devoted to the question of saving the planet and how to do business by proposing "sustainable" models to reduce the harmful effects impacting our natural environment.

At the end of the morning, a last demo of Armony is made and the interest of the staff is there! New appointment taken for an in-depth demo once back in France!

Finally, after a lunch in a small district half latino half art deco of Miami Beach, on the terrace of a small restaurant whose speciality is the Paella with Lobster, followed by a maxi Floridian shower, Eric, Patrick F, Jean-Philippe and Patrick G take the way of the airport with stars in their eyes and the certainty of beautiful collaborations to come!