A partnership of excellence: the oOTARY x ARCWIDE collaboration

Do you know Arcwide?

ARCWIDE is a joint venture with a unique offering that combines technological innovation and professional services to help companies accelerate value creation.

The company is the result of a strategic collaboration since 2017 between two major players: BearingPoint and IFS. It combines BearingPoint's expertise in organization and technology consulting with the innovation of IFS cloud solutions.

More than just an integrator: Arcwide supports its customers in their transformation withIFS implementation focused on the humantrades and the organization

A successful partnership between oOTARY & Arcwide

At the end of 2022, ARCWIDE joined our Happy Together Program (HTP) with the shared vision of continually add value to our customers throughout their digital transformation journey.

This HTP is the result of our commitment to innovation and improving the customer experience, and aims to enrich the value proposition for our customers by putting technology and innovation at the heart of their activities.

Our partnership with ARCWIDE aims to simplify problem-solving of our customers. Through collaboration and the exchange of ideas and skills, we develop tailor-made tools and solutions that enable our customers to overcome their challenges more efficiently and intuitively.

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