Armony Solution

A unique software suite for multiple uses

Armony Report

Armony Report,
Data synchronization, desktop publishing composition and reporting

Armony Report allows you to create and organize your publishing documents, merge data and distribute your reports, dashboards, etc. in a quick and easy way.
Master the challenges of data management, manage your incoming and outgoing documents in an intuitive and collaborative way and gain in efficiency!

▪ Difficulties in creation or production management documents from the ERP
▪ Complexities of knowing and tracking operational data in real time
▪ Requirement to write to RFID chips at the same time as printing labels
▪ Difficulties in retrieving and distributing data from multiple management systems
▪ Having to manually compile large documents to create traceability and manufacturing records
▪ Having to manually create documents and contracts due to their heterogeneity

Benefits and ROI


Single solution for all types of editions and distribution modes


Securing your projects' completion deadlines

automatic generation

Automatic generation of complex files and documents such as FAI, MRB, technical documents, contracts, etc


Agility, ease and speed in the deployment of reports


Increased capacity to create new services for end customers and/or internal users


Quantifiable savings in Euros and/or in FTE


Reduction in the cost of publishing and subcontracting.


Gain in autonomy

Armony Data
Reliable, known and up-to-date data

Armony Data allows you to simply define the sources and destinations of your data, the application then takes care of detecting, comparing and synchronizing the elements.
You can query, analyze, process, exchange, synchronize, interface and keep your data up to date in an IT context of varying complexity and with multiple sources and destinations.

▪ Need to guarantee continued activity during a data migration
▪ Lack of added value of manual or incomplete data re-entry between two systems
▪ Complexity in exchanging data between multiple heterogeneous systems
▪ Complexity in retrieving ever-changing data during system migration
▪ Need to automatically reprocess data to enable exploitation
▪ Loss of time associated with manual entry of large volumes of data

Armony Data

Benefits and ROI


Rapid integration of O2P and other flows between multiple ERPs, entities and countries


Speed in mixing data from multiple sources for integration into the ERP


Secure and accelerate data exchanges, eliminating double entries


Automation of data recovery and securing the Go Live timeframe

Integration of purchasing, subcontracting and inventory workflows between 2 ERPs via a single interface

Saves time in monitoring, control and elimination of double data entry or other non-value added tasks

Armony web

Armony Forms, Armony Web
Dematerialization, flows and web

Armony Web and Armony Forms modules are complementary.
With Armony Forms, you can quickly create forms and workflows that allow businesses to take back control of the management and circulation of information.
And with Armony Web, you can integrate a collaborative portal-type Web platform to enable your employees, customers and suppliers to easily interact with their business data.

▪ Complexity to exchange and share data or documents of heterogeneous formats with third parties from the management system
▪ Obligation to transmit documents and data to standardized platforms
▪ Desire to complement existing customer relationship tools.
▪ Need to reduce costs and low value-added items
▪ Difficulty or even impossibility to integrate heterogeneous information in a process that could be automated
▪ Need to access and interact with multiple systems at the same time in order to automate a process
▪ Complexity in data recovery during system migration

Benefits and ROI


Integration of customer and supplier documents for recognition and automation of data entry

Definition of invoice dematerialization modes, delivery methods and exchange portals


Mutualization of multi-data facilitating control and data entry by the various departments involved in a process


Rapid and automated sharing of data with third parties

Real-time mobile/remote input and processing of large flows simultaneously


Gains in productivity, time and efficiency

Elimination of repetitive and non-value added tasks

Armony Builder
Assisted creation

Armony Builder is a new stage in solution design, application optimization and IS flow management.
Thanks to its intuitive visual interface, this no-code tool makes it easy to process data, exchange information between IS, respond to new needs and compose documents.

▪ Need to know how to code to use the various modules
▪ Risk of errors during code creation
▪ Switch to Expert mode and edit code
▪ Need to reduce development times
▪ Opening up the use of modules to less-skilled jobs
▪ Simplifies the file creation process

Benefits and ROI


Translate your documents in 1 click

Convert files into various formats


Productivity, time and efficiency gains


Wizards reduce the number of errors

Armony Designer
Graphic design tool

Armony Designer is a graphic design tool that lets you easily design the pages of your documents thanks to a WYSIWYG editor, a library of visual elements and real-time visualization.
Armony Designer also allows you to perform data integration in a more simplified way.

▪ Complexity of document creation due to code learning
▪ Open up document creation to less experienced users
▪ The need to create visual documents quickly and easily
▪ Inserting custom fields from a database into a document

Benefits and ROI


Quick and easy editing of a document page without code


Productivity, time and efficiency gains


Real-time rendering and modifications

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