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Digitalize and automate your business processes with Armony Solution

As a software solution provider, we mobilize our expertise to effectively support the digital transformation of our customers' organizations.

Our Armony Solution software suite enables each company to digitize its paper-based processes, automate low-value-added processes, ensure control and reliability of its data regardless of its origin, unify its applications and simplify management.

Armony Solution complements your ERP (IFS, Salesforce, SAP, etc.) to optimize its capacities and performance, whatever the IT context.


A software suite in an ERP environment that allows :

time saving

Accelerate the integration of your I.S.


Simplify and automate your workflows


Optimize your processes

Support continuous improvement

Our Vocation :

Our approach is based on 3 key themes that guide our innovative approach to serve our customers:

- Static or dynamic data processing
- Desktop publishing and simple or complex reporting
- Automation and workflow

Armony Solution can be deployed in a heterogeneous environment and, as soon as a connector is added, in several types of environments such as ERP, HCM, CX, etc.

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