What is the OOTARY Helpdesk ?

Helpdesk, definition : 

A Help Desk, also known as a support center or Hotline, is a service that provides support to customers. It is mainly needed to provide assistance or advice to customers with a particular request. The purpose of a Help Desk is to provide technical information and solutions to customers.

For all our customersBy having access to our helpdesk, our customers have a single point of entry for their requests. They are guaranteed to be correctly directed, processed and traced.

How does it work?

There are different stages and levels of support that vary depending on the complexity of the request:

  • The customer creates his ticket

  • The ticket is qualified to be directed to the appropriate department

  • The ticket is analyzed and processed

Depending on the demand there are different levels:

Level 1 General" and common questions that can be solved quickly by, for example, providing more information about products/services to customers to help them;

Level 2 When tickets reach this level, the requests are more complex. This level of technical support requires an in-depth knowledge of the field of intervention in order to provide the appropriate solutions to customers;

Level 3 This level calls on R&D or specialized consultants to solve the customer's request.

  • Once the solution is verified and validated by the customer, the ticket is closed

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