oOTARY x IFS - SaKo 2024 in London

Discover the unmissable IFS SaKo (Sales Kick Off), a major event to kick off 2024 in style! Join us and dive into the heart of this major event bringing together the IFS ecosystem, with the exceptional presence of partners, including oOTARY. Find out all you need to know about IFS SaKo and oOTARY's participation in our article!


I. Who is IFS?

IFS is a major player in the software world. As one of the world's leading suppliers of enterprise software, IFS designs and delivers enterprise resource planning (ERP), asset management (EAM), field service management (FSM) and enterprise service management (ESM) solutions worldwide. 


IFS covers several industries: aerospace and defense, energy resources, construction and engineering, manufacturing and services. 


oOTARY has been an IFS partner since 2022. A partnership that enables us to work in collaboration with IFS in order to broaden oOTARY's scope of action by offering high-quality expertise to our customers!


A win-win partnership for our customers!


Indeed, our shared mission is to grow our products and services while meeting the needs of each and every one of our customers. 


IFS organizes several events throughout the year to bring its partners together. The first, and by no means the least, IFS SaKo (Sales Kick Off) took place in January. 

II. oOTARY highlights at SaKo 2024

L'IFS SaKo is a major event bringing together IFS Sales, Presales and Consulting worldwide, as well as IFS partners. The event took place from January 15 to 18, 2024. 


Intense and rich days of feedback on projects carried out over the past year, discovery of new strategic orientations while promoting exchanges and sharing within the IFS community. And above all, to pave the way for 2024! 


The theme of this year's event was the Olympic Games. Faster, Higher, Stronger "(faster, higher, farther). oOTARY, represented by Patrick, Jean-Philippe, Ludovic and Patrick, was present throughout the event as a Silver Sponsor. 


Over 1,200 participants at IFS SaKo 2024!

Faster Higher Stronger: the theme of SaKo 2024

During SaKo, various key moments punctuated the event, including the Partner Summit at the 4-day kick-off: the ideal moment for collaboration with all partners. 


In the following days, the IFS management team, led by the CEO, Mark MOFFATIn the course of the event, the IFS team shared their vision of positioning, commercial updates and the value of the customer journey. The exchanges highlighted IFS' marketing efforts: very interesting and inspiring ideas that confirm the exponential growth of the IFS ecosystem!


💡To know more IFS has become a patron of the MIT CISR (MIT Center for Information Systems Research) collaboration reflects the company's growth and leadership in the technology industry.
IFS underlines its commitment to maximizing the value of digital transformation and data. 

oOTARY highlighted the power ofArmony Solution and proudly present the latest additions to the Armony suite, enabling revolutionary NoCode access! Thanks to these innovations, users can now fully exploit the functional potential of Armony Solution without the need for coding skills, and thus accelerate the implementation of their IFS project.

To round off the excitement of the event, oOTARY took part in the medal ceremony, followed by a convivial and festive dinner! 

The oOTARY team left the SaKo with a wealth of ideas for its 2024 projects, as well as rich and interesting encounters. A real opportunity to exchange ideas with numerous members of the IFS ecosystem from all over the world: technology partners, editors, integrators... Everything you need to bring even more value to your business. more value for our customers !

oOTARY has strengthened ties with its integrator partners, both national and international, while identifying exciting new projects.

III. IFS events not to be missed in 2024!

The oOTARY team will be attending upcoming IFS events: 

But not only that... IFS Unleashed takes place in October 2024! We'll tell you more soon...


The aim is to present the Armony Solution suite and its new features, and to strengthen ties with partners while creating even more value for customers!

oOTARY steps up its presence with a powerful solution for the IFS ecosystem!

Stay tuned for our next events!