Why ERP is a must in 2023

The digital transformation of companies has become a crucial issue in order to remain competitive on the market and ERP is one of those tools that have become must-haves in 2023. 

The year 2022 saw an acceleration of this trend, with more and more companies adopting technologies to improve their efficiency and productivity.


One of the most striking trends of this year is the increasing use of ERP systems in companies. ERP is software that centralizes the data and processes of a company, making it easier to make decisions and optimize activities.

The benefits of using ERP are numerous:

    • First, they provide better visibility into the data, making it easier to make decisions
    • ERPs are also very useful for improving team collaboration
    • They allow to optimize the communication between the different departments of a company
    • Finally, they are working towards better automation of processes, which reduces errors and improves efficiency
A man writing on his computer, glasses and a telephone are placed on the table next to the computer.

It is important to note that to fully benefit from the advantages of ERP, it is essential to choose the solution that best suits your needs and to integrate it effectively into your business. This requires careful planning and close collaboration between the various departments of the company.

In conclusion, the use of ERP has become a must for companies that want to improve their efficiency, productivity and make a digital transformation in 2023. The benefits of these systems are numerous, but it is important to integrate them effectively to fully benefit from them. The company OOTARY can accompany you during the implementation of your ERP in order to optimize its capacities and performances, whatever your information system, in particular by managing data regardless of their origin and format.

Source: www.apogea.fr