Ootarians in London - IFS SaKo 2023

From January 16 to 20, 2023, our team of ootarians crossed the channel to participate in the IFS SaKo 2023 in London.

The IFS SaKo is an event that brings together IFS Worldwide Sales, Presales and Consulting as well as IFS partners. 

During these 4 days, a large number of personalities spoke on the main stage. It was also an excellent opportunity for us to exchange and get to know many actors of the IFS ecosystem.

PS: To mark the end of the event the closing party was disguised: the theme for France was the musketeers (each nation had a different theme). We are very proud of our ootarians who played the game by wearing costumes of musketeer that fit them perfectly 😉

Some souvenir photos