Our Services

Complementary services adapted to the challenges and constantly evolving needs of our clients.

our services

OOTARY is constantly innovating in order to offer its customers ever more efficient solutions, allowing them to process, secure and enhance all of their company's data.

The services offered by OOTARY are in complement to our software solutions and allow our customers and partners to respond with even more precision to their data management and processing problems, with the aim of increasing productivity and business performance.



Our experts will accompany you and identify new solutions adapted to your needs.


Our monitoring tools free up your teams' time and enhance overall performance.


Thanks to our smooth migration principle, you can connect all applications, databases and external files from the old system to the new one and work simultaneously and simply with both environments during the migration.


Our expertise is at your service to develop your skills and make you autonomous on our solutions. They are also made for that!

Our technical consulting service with IFS Application

Originally developed in an IFS environment, our solutions are perfectly integrated with the ERP and our experts are at your side to ensure the maintenance and optimization of your IFS Applications environments. You benefit from the support of a dedicated technical consultant, who will develop a thorough knowledge of your business needs and systems.

Our team also assists you in the realization of your IFS Applications migration, deployment and optimization projects. They will validate with you how to optimize the code in order to improve performance, stability and facilitate upgrades.

Our monitoring tools

To help IT teams to follow along, be in control and be proactive, OOTARY has set up an application monitoring pack and an exploitation service. These tools allow you to free up your teams' time and reinforce the overall performance and pro-activity of the company.

Based on the ARMONY Data and ARMONY Report modules, the monitoring offered by ARMONY Solution allows :

    •  the connection and retrieval of data directly in the applications
    • the implementation of a scheduler for the execution of monitoring packages with analysis based on a defined frequency
    • the ability to anticipate and act proactively based on permanent and weekly analyses

The gentle migration Armony

ARMONY Solution's Soft Migration principle allows you to connect all applications, databases and external files from the old system to the new system. Once connected, data synchronization will allow you to feed the new system over time while respecting the analyses and management rules you wish to add.
ARMONY Data's synchronization mode will itself manage the triggering of the transfer when the data is complete, or will ensure the complementary updates as the elements are added.

You can also decide to deploy your new system in several batches (company, logistics site, business, etc.). ARMONY Solution allows you to synchronize data for all the batches. When the users start on the new system, the data will already be present due to the synchronization.

A complete training program is available to Armony Solution customers and integrator partners.

In order to succeed in your project in the long term, the ability of end users to adopt the solution and become competent is essential. OOTARY offers several training packages that allow your employees to improve their skills and make them autonomous.

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